Made my own Beatles-version of “Guess Who” :3

1. Buy a “Guess Who” game
2. Measure the size of the little cards
3. Put all the pictures you want in a word document (or somewhere else), put them in the right size and print them
4. Take out the original cards and replace them with your pictures
5. Print an extra sheet of your pictures (because both players need to pick one)
6. Done :D

The Fifth Beatle — The Brian Epstein Story

The Beatles films


Best band ever❤

Anonymous whispered:
Hello! So I just followed your blog and I really loved it. How do yo know so much about the beatles? And if you could post some interesting facts about them it would be nice :))


I read a lot about them online and in books, here are some little known facts:

  • Ringo is ambidextrous
  • John once saw a flying saucer
  • The Beatles were indirectly responsible for the development of the CT scan
  • John wanted to write a children’s book
  • Ringo didn’t get to play his drums in ‘Love Me Do’, he played maracas instead.
  • Yoko had John cremated even though cremation was one of his biggest fears
  • John was dyslexic and legally blind
  • John’s favorite meal of the day was breakfast
  • During beatlemania, fans would eat the grass Ringo walked on
  • The harmonica John plays in Love Me Do was shoplifted
  • When they received a letter about their MBE, George mistook it for a draft letter.
  • John first smoked weed in 1960, 4 years before meeting Bob Dylan
  • Astrid and Stuart didn’t like Paul
  • During beatlemania, radio deejays would announce temperature in “Beatle degrees” and time in “Beatle minutes”
  • Paul still owns his first guitar
  • According to Paul, Brian invented the Paul is Dead rumor
  • Ringo considered being a country musician
  • All of the Beatles sons are musicians
  • Zack Starkey and Stella McCartney have the same birthday
  • In 1964, BBC news claimed that Ringo had his toenails removed when he actually had his tonsils removed
  • George claims to have planted 10,000 trees in his lifetime


Sad Post of the Day.


And at that moment, George remembered he left the oven on.